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                               I have been asked to Reveal The Knowing that came to my encounter through the Alchemical Processes with Painting. I did not know I was going to do this work, and I did not asked for it, at least consciously. I just know that: It Came!

At the very beginning I tried to explained the "phenomena" ocurring to me with reason. But soon it was clear that this Knowing was something totally unknown to me; and until years later: unexplainable!

Confronting a reality I never consider possible, I felt compelled to believe! and to confront the experience by surrendering. And this surrender was complete in order to be possesed by That which power, passion and love was trying to make its expression within my being. 


I have lived in total secrecy most of my journey because some of the "phenomena" I have experienced is so unbelievable, even for me…at times terrified, at times elating and other moments mystical. 

“When you become a conduit of pure Service

incredible things start happening in your life”



Se me ha pedido revelar el Conocimiento que vino a mi encuentro a través del proceso alquímico que hice con la pintura. Yo no sabia, ni lo había pedido, al menos concientemente, solo se: Que se Presento!

Al principio intente explicarlo a través de la lógica, de lo conocido y de lo aprendido. A través de lo obvio y de lo evidente pero claro! Este Conocimiento era algo completamente nuevo y "desconocido" y al no poder explicarme lo inexplicable...senti que lo mejor eran entregarme,

entregarme por completo, creer! y dejarme poseer

por aquello que con tanto poder, tanta pasión y tanto Amor intentaba expresarse dentro de mi Ser.


No fué fácil... para nada fácil, entregarse es un acto de absoluta valentía en matrimonio alquímico con la FE!


Y quiero que sepan que no estoy hablando de la fé Católica, ni de la fé enseñada, esas también tuvieron validez, este estadio de FE en una vivencia interior dentro de dimensiones por Reconocer, y donde no hay mapas de navegación, y donde a veces la bruma fué tan densa que además de nublarte la visión también sientes que te asfixia...


Esta FE es creer con absoluta certeza en tu Ser y cuando digo absoluta es absoluta! El absoluto en mi experiencia es un estadio de neutralidad porque en esos momentos de ceguera y de asfixia lo único que te salva es este estadio de FE this time of social transformation.

Several vortexes made by luminous human beings 

are holding the space for this wisdom to be delivered 

I'm in deep gratitude




ChiaO! ingenuity takes you on a creative journey that is quite unmatched in the marriage of art&fashion. Mixing and recycling pieces in an eclectic manner that range from original contemporary paintings, leather, furniture fabrics, vintage jewelry, to name just a few with her usual cultural obsessions, ChiaO! Effortlessly makes hip and exuberant original handbags and trendy original accesories.

Weather ChiaO! inspiration comes from a dinner in an European castle, a poem read while flying to the Jungle or just by touching a textile print, her designs always have her very personal artsy signature. Today ChiaO! is making big waves in the fashion arena with her trendy signature pieces. 


"When I'm into a fashion piece I am drawing with my hilos. I am painting with my fabrics. I am expressing emotion with my textures and notions. There are so many techniques I love to practice including mix media, collage, engraving, to name just a few. I want to experience everything" she says, "I need to know the unexpected possibilities of harmony, rhythm and beauty behind it all. I really enjoy the process"


ChiaO's is a natural fashion designer, she study art in Italy, communications and graphic design in Colombia; and she has an extensive background in creative art direction working with a global ad agency. Her almost effortless way of designing and conceiving new ideas is perhaps her most distinctive personal trade mark.

She is one of those incredible renaissance artists ahead of her times a true emerging trendsetter to whom fashion and art collectors, stylists and other emerging artists look for inspiration.

The boundless energy and creative ingenuity of her exclusive presentations always make her shows a "content experiences".

The career of ChiaO! tell us a classic story of one artist that follows her dream. “Never give up. You have to focus on your dreams, even more if they go beyond common reasoning”.

How is this petite female woman from Bogota, Colombia is becoming a success?

“Fashion has been always a passion while art has been a path of discovery. When I married both within me it was a perfect match, an instant chemistry, a love affair that never stops inspiriting me, a constant electricity in the air that keeps my flame going”.

ChiaO! “infinity originality” take us on a mussing journey. Her devotion to detail is apparent in every one of her creations, which are all intimately connected to her world. 

ChiaO!’s inspirations awakes up in us a thrilling sense of fashion excitement that appeals deeply. 


ChiaO! free spirit to create is constantly revolutionazing At age five, she was already an artist painter, a fashion designer and all in between, from make up and hair artist, to interior designer, to runaway choreographer, and more. Along with her other three sisters she will spend days creating original clothing and accessories for them and for their dolls. "I was always a rebel, the one with the most outrageous looks, the one that would wear something made by me or altered by me" everything else looked so common, so dull. When the other girls in the school started copying my designs I was furious! She says. “Now, when my looks where copied I know, I'm setting a trend.”





What is the function of Myth in <Artfashion>? 


1. …is to evoke in the fashionista/audience/student a sense of awe before the idea of recycling. 


2. The second function of Mythology is to present the transformation of our actual Avatars -from our many earth traditions- that will maintain and elicit this experience of awe.


3. present an image of Evolutionary Avatars that will maintain the student sense's of mystical awe and explain through imagery a new point of view of a possible life style.


4. The fourth function of myth is to envision, validate and maintain a certain sociological system: a shared set of rules, proprieties or improprieties, on which our particular new life style depends on for its existence.


5. The fifth function of Myth is "trend setting". Myth must carry the individual through the stages of his/her new life-style, from conception, through completion, through maturity. The mythology must do so in accords with the new life-style as understood by the group (collective intelligence) and the fabulous mystery of maintaining the awe. 

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “Four Functions of Myth”



"The traditional idea is that the adult who has moved from dependency to responsibility should take over without criticism the laws of the society and represent them. In our world, we ask for the development of the individual's critical faculties, that you should evaluate the social order and yourself, then contribute criticism. This doesn't mean blowing it up. Nor does it mean blowing it up before you've found out what it is. ....” 

Joseph Campbell’s “Four Functions of Myth”
From Pathways to Bliss (Novato, CA: New World Library), pp 6-10. 


Goddess Neck Mandala by GIA

Using Fashion as a transformational tool, we are awakening our love-alchemists-avatars...


We are love-alchemists-avatars loving, restoring and protecting Gaia and all her art forms' living exprressions.




In the same manner that your body is a transmitter of your personal energy frequency, so is an Original Painting. Every visual work of art has the imprint of the artist’s emotional magnetic field from the moment of creation. This is the reason why there are paintings that give you the “chills” and there are paintings that captivate you in a moment of wonder, inspiration, sensuality and even inexplicable joyful tears.




How do you discover what type of

Visual Art has a balancing-wave-frequency?

In order to discover what type of Visual Art has a balancing-wave-frequency, you simply have to “Feel it”! 


First of all you need to OBSERVE INTENTLY an art piece for at least 8 seconds and simply 

“Feel it”!






What does exactly mean to “Feel it”? 

As a general rule we tend to dismiss “gut feelings” in favor of our logical rationality. A “gut feeling” is your intelligence without barriers! The body is holistic in nature and possesses more-than-one intelligence. Your intelligence without barriers is also holistic in nature. Imagine for a second how powerful a human being can be with that kind of intelligence. And you have it! We all have it!

The trick to “Feel it” is to be very attentive to your feelings instead of your thoughts…feel the feelings that are arising during those 8” seconds. How are you feeling? Is it an instant love at first sight? Are you feeling Inspired? Enlightened? Sensual? Harmonious? Having a sudden answer? Deeply Moved?... If significant positive feelings are arising you are basically qualifying that painting to be a balancing-wave-frequency Art piece!

How can you acquire such-special-type of Visual Art?


1) Cruise along Chía’s Collections and gaze at least for 8 seconds at any image that calls your attention! Just navigate slowly and pay attention to the feelings arising in your body. If you have a strong “gut feeling” take immediate action. 


2) Write down the name of the painting and start your List of possible must-haves. The next ovbious step is gifting your self with the painting or painting you love.

If you want to enroll in our “Art Dating” program, please feel free to inquire by writing to This program is designed to help you HAVE the Art works you want.

Chía's Visual Art is created from advanced wave imprint of light frequencies that propagate a resonance of balancing-waves creating potent harmonizing vortexes in your living environment. Each painting comes with a written Protocol on how to work the energy fields.

We are looking forward to helping you!

Love, Chía


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