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In the same manner that your body is a transmitter of your personal energy frequency, so is an Original Painting. Every visual work of art has the imprint of the artist’s emotional magnetic field from the moment of creation. This is the reason why there are paintings that give you the “chills” and there are paintings that captivate you in a moment of wonder, inspiration, sensuality and even inexplicable joyful tears.




How do you discover what type of

Visual Art has a balancing-wave-frequency?

In order to discover what type of Visual Art has a balancing-wave-frequency, you simply have to “Feel it”! 


First of all you need to OBSERVE INTENTLY an art piece for at least 8 seconds and simply 

“Feel it”!






What does exactly mean to “Feel it”? 

As a general rule we tend to dismiss “gut feelings” in favor of our logical rationality. A “gut feeling” is your intelligence without barriers! The body is holistic in nature and possesses more-than-one intelligence. Your intelligence without barriers is also holistic in nature. Imagine for a second how powerful a human being can be with that kind of intelligence. And you have it! We all have it!

The trick to “Feel it” is to be very attentive to your feelings instead of your thoughts…feel the feelings that are arising during those 8” seconds. How are you feeling? Is it an instant love at first sight? Are you feeling Inspired? Enlightened? Sensual? Harmonious? Having a sudden answer? Deeply Moved?... If significant positive feelings are arising you are basically qualifying that painting to be a balancing-wave-frequency Art piece!

How can you acquire such-special-type of Visual Art?


1) Cruise along Chía’s Collections and gaze at least for 8 seconds at any image that calls your attention! Just navigate slowly and pay attention to the feelings arising in your body. If you have a strong “gut feeling” take immediate action. 


2) Write down the name of the painting and start your List of possible must-haves. The next ovbious step is gifting your self with the painting or painting you love.

If you want to enroll in our “Art Dating” program, please feel free to inquire by writing to This program is designed to help you HAVE the Art works you want.

Chía's Visual Art is created from advanced wave imprint of light frequencies that propagate a resonance of balancing-waves creating potent harmonizing vortexes in your living environment. Each painting comes with a written Protocol on how to work the energy fields.

We are looking forward to helping you!

Love, Chía


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