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What is the function of Myth in <Artfashion>? 


1. …is to evoke in the fashionista/audience/student a sense of awe before the idea of recycling. 


2. The second function of Mythology is to present the transformation of our actual Avatars -from our many earth traditions- that will maintain and elicit this experience of awe.


3. present an image of Evolutionary Avatars that will maintain the student sense's of mystical awe and explain through imagery a new point of view of a possible life style.


4. The fourth function of myth is to envision, validate and maintain a certain sociological system: a shared set of rules, proprieties or improprieties, on which our particular new life style depends on for its existence.


5. The fifth function of Myth is "trend setting". Myth must carry the individual through the stages of his/her new life-style, from conception, through completion, through maturity. The mythology must do so in accords with the new life-style as understood by the group (collective intelligence) and the fabulous mystery of maintaining the awe. 

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “Four Functions of Myth”



"The traditional idea is that the adult who has moved from dependency to responsibility should take over without criticism the laws of the society and represent them. In our world, we ask for the development of the individual's critical faculties, that you should evaluate the social order and yourself, then contribute criticism. This doesn't mean blowing it up. Nor does it mean blowing it up before you've found out what it is. ....” 

Joseph Campbell’s “Four Functions of Myth”
From Pathways to Bliss (Novato, CA: New World Library), pp 6-10. 


Goddess Neck Mandala by GIA

Using Fashion as a transformational tool, we are awakening our love-alchemists-avatars...


We are love-alchemists-avatars loving, restoring and protecting Gaia and all her art forms' living exprressions.



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