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ChiaO! ingenuity takes you on a creative journey that is quite unmatched in the marriage of art&fashion. Mixing and recycling pieces in an eclectic manner that range from original contemporary paintings, leather, furniture fabrics, vintage jewelry, to name just a few with her usual cultural obsessions, ChiaO! Effortlessly makes hip and exuberant original handbags and trendy original accesories.

Weather ChiaO! inspiration comes from a dinner in an European castle, a poem read while flying to the Jungle or just by touching a textile print, her designs always have her very personal artsy signature. Today ChiaO! is making big waves in the fashion arena with her trendy signature pieces. 


"When I'm into a fashion piece I am drawing with my hilos. I am painting with my fabrics. I am expressing emotion with my textures and notions. There are so many techniques I love to practice including mix media, collage, engraving, to name just a few. I want to experience everything" she says, "I need to know the unexpected possibilities of harmony, rhythm and beauty behind it all. I really enjoy the process"


ChiaO's is a natural fashion designer, she study art in Italy, communications and graphic design in Colombia; and she has an extensive background in creative art direction working with a global ad agency. Her almost effortless way of designing and conceiving new ideas is perhaps her most distinctive personal trade mark.

She is one of those incredible renaissance artists ahead of her times a true emerging trendsetter to whom fashion and art collectors, stylists and other emerging artists look for inspiration.

The boundless energy and creative ingenuity of her exclusive presentations always make her shows a "content experiences".

The career of ChiaO! tell us a classic story of one artist that follows her dream. “Never give up. You have to focus on your dreams, even more if they go beyond common reasoning”.

How is this petite female woman from Bogota, Colombia is becoming a success?

“Fashion has been always a passion while art has been a path of discovery. When I married both within me it was a perfect match, an instant chemistry, a love affair that never stops inspiriting me, a constant electricity in the air that keeps my flame going”.

ChiaO! “infinity originality” take us on a mussing journey. Her devotion to detail is apparent in every one of her creations, which are all intimately connected to her world. 

ChiaO!’s inspirations awakes up in us a thrilling sense of fashion excitement that appeals deeply. 


ChiaO! free spirit to create is constantly revolutionazing At age five, she was already an artist painter, a fashion designer and all in between, from make up and hair artist, to interior designer, to runaway choreographer, and more. Along with her other three sisters she will spend days creating original clothing and accessories for them and for their dolls. "I was always a rebel, the one with the most outrageous looks, the one that would wear something made by me or altered by me" everything else looked so common, so dull. When the other girls in the school started copying my designs I was furious! She says. “Now, when my looks where copied I know, I'm setting a trend.”



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