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227K Win-Win-Win FundsRaising

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227k Win-Win-Win Fundraising Campaign by @chiaortegonart


This story began in 2018 when I relocated from Miami to the jungle of Costa Rica where I Founded Alchemy Art Village. Artist in Residence Eco- Cultural Center. 


After a terrifying weather disaster we are forced to Relocate! Is daunting and requires great effort but we are looking forward to new beginnings; with your support we will not only make it through but it will be a win! win! win! For all involved. 



Dream with me and Manifest! Help me make ChiaOrtegonART FundsRaising campaign a win-win-win!


Our funding goal is 227k however we are aiming to first raise 10k within the next 30 days for our first moving action steps:


  1. Purchasing our electronics which at this point are our most essential working tools. Your support will enable us to replace our Mac laptop computer, iPad and extra iPhone that were lost during the weather disaster. 
  2. Also, an Exploration Journey to evaluate promising land options in Colombia to Re-Locate Alchemy Art Village. 


The second face of our fundraising campaign will be launched on Indigogo for:


  1. Acquiring the new property: The dream is to acquire a similar natural eco sanctuary that serves as container for the evolution of the divine feminine arts where artists can thrive and leave a legacy for generations to come. 
  2. We are looking forward to hire a professional team of collaborators that facilitate logistics in property acquisition, construction and next steps to setup. 


What do you get as my Backer? 

You’ll get high investment fine art that also ingrains the energetic and mystical values of an alchemical creative process. 



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