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Artist Statement



                   My work explores inner portraits and landscapes of self-transcendence in the Alchemy of SelfThe process of painting is for me a catalyst for self-awareness and self-transformation. And because the experience of Self can be infinite, the expressions of my art are eclectic and morphogenic.


                  In truth, the creation of art for me is an exploratory journey to an intimate landscape where transforming inner chaos into harmony is the path; and sensuality is the spirit  that gives life to the art process.


                  It is as if my two primordial female & male energies, cohabitating within me want to find that Complementary State of great synergy... My creations show a soul searching for harmony. Beauty and Love come to the surface of my Artwork as an actual experience of BEING...I feel how it feels to embody "THAT". This is the alchemy! 


                  My colors, brush strokes and compositions narrate a most intimate dialogue which drive is beyond rationality. I feel as if my female energy extracts from Nature, -which is a major inspiration- its sacred-sensual-nectar which acts as fundamental imprint animating the soul of each artwork. 


                 This sacred "sensual-quatum-signature" emanating from my art, is like a powerful Dimensional Field that is alive beyond the surface of my creations. You can feel it...I compare it with a spirit that gives life or “anthropomorphizes” what begin as an inanimate object and then, transcends to an actual artwork, which frequency is soothing, inviting, nurturing, loving and invisible.



                                                         "Chalice of sacred sensuality" 


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