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 “My creative surge is rich and unstoppable, perhaps even beyond me! May its force, art and languages expressions be the catalysts to expand the emergence of a divine human blueprint in coherence with our earth resources, and in synergy with our Holistic Human Design"


          Internationally known Chía Ortegón is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. Her parents were art lovers and avid intellectuals. Since early age her mother supported her artistic abilities and enrolled her in extra curricular painting classes. At the age of 14 she was already experimenting with several painting techniques that ranged from oil painting and pastels to classic porcelain painting techniques. Later she studied Graphic Design and started a professional career in the Advertising Business. 




                 At 20 years old, she moved to Costa Rica and became a successful international Creative Director working with one of the largest ad agencies of the world McCann Erickson time in which she traveled extensively and was relocated to various countries. “Most of the fun was the opportunity to work closely with top professional photographers, graphic designers, video producers fashion designers and film directors” she said. “It was such huge responsibility to be in charge of the Creative Direction for global campaigns, for brands such as L’oreal, Levis’ Nestlé, Coca Cola to mentioned just a few.” She recalls. During those years she continued painting and produced an important body of artworks.




                   By the time she went to Florence, Italy, she had painted a thorough body of artworks that gained her immediate reception in the atelier of Daniel de Angeli and Simona Dolci, two prominent painters and private tutors with whom she studied Classical Watercolor and Oil painting techniques. Upon returning to USA she went to New York City to continuing her studies of human figure and artistic anatomy at the Art Students League. After, she returned to her home-studio in Miami, Florida where she has produced most of her impressive body of work. 




                   Chía Ortegón creative surge is rich and unstoppable she has produced a magnificent body of artworks among large canvases, drawings, fashion designs, murals, photographs, mix media and more recently Conceptual Art Performances involving the community. Her Conceptual “Alchemical Matrimony” has been performed during the past two years at Art Basel Miami Beach, FL.  


                   Her first big solo exhibition took place during Art Basel in 2003, when Chía was sponsored with a 1,500 square feet space in the Design District, Miami FL. She has shown her art internationally at Art Basel Miami, EuroArt Barcelona, Spain and ArtExpo New York, Also, mostly solo shows in prestigious art Galleries in Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Nassau, Bahamas. And, in Art festivals such as Envision Costa Rica, Synthesis Yucatan, Mexico, 3 Days of Light North Carolina, and Zen Festival, Orlando Florida. I also exhibit at the Latin American Art Museum in Miami with a group of women Artists.




                    The artists that have influenced Chia’s work are Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’keeffe, Daniel de Angeli and Edgar Degas. Her worked has been also influenced by minimalism and Zen philosophy, Quantum physics theory, Cosmology, Mythology, Tantra, Water Consciousness with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Transformation of Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar by José Arguelles, and by famous alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perrenelle; as well as by cultural designers such as Jean Francois Nobel.




                Chía Ortegón Art has been collected by private collectors and business owners among bankers, business men, advertising agency owners, Judges of the famous Oscar awards, and regular people that falls in love with her Art and her message.





                   She has sold her art to private collectors among bankers, musicians, marketing specialists, interior designers and regular people that love her work and resonate with her unique artistic expressions.




Solo Art Show in Los Angeles, CA

"Water Sensual Universe Collection and Centers of Emotion Art Instalation"



 “My creative surge is rich and unstoppable, perhaps even beyond me! May its force, art expressions and languages be the catalysts to expand the emergence of a divine human blueprint in coherence with our earth resources, and in synergy with our Holistic Human Design"




"We are the ONES we have been waiting for!" 


"The time of belonging is unfolding! We are all interconnect in a quantum field of energy we call LOVE" 


“My body is the container of the entire cosmos"


"By INTEGRATING our female-male primordial energies individually and collectively we will give birth to our divine-human blue print 


"Water is my oracle and my ultimate Guru.” 










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