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T H A N K S  F O R   S U P P O R T I N G !!!

The time of integration between our female and male energies has began! 

1. From the spiritual perspective, out of this female-male integration: we are awakening to our DIVINE power. 


2. From the evolution perspective, out of this female-male integration: we are evolving from Homus Sapiens to "Cosmic-Archetypes"


3. From the scientific perspective, out of this female-male integration: we are entering Singularity. 


And this is just the tip of the iceberg!



    Join us! Your Support contributes to the Expansion of our Conscious Community!


    A- *Funds are supporting 1. Completion of my BOOk REVELATIONS How To Chí-She-He LovEvolution  Relationships Book . 1. Interviews 2. Copyediting, proofing and formatting specialists •  3. Final Cover Design •4. Dragon dictate software •  5. ISBN •  6. Print advertising •



    B- Kick Start our Art Performance Parade, Pre-Opening Art Basel * 1. Space Rental for Meet-ups and rehearsal 3. Food for Volunteers  . 4. Full time Art Director 5. Freelance PR Professional 6. Pro Music Video Production Photographer Co-Director 7. Pro Video Editors  8. Event Coordinator 9. Personal Assistance Coordinator 10 Promotional Material Print. 11 Social Media Campaign Assistant. 

Thank yOU!!! 

MY STORY in a Nutshell

                                                 My Name is Chía Ortegón, I am a Multidisciplinary Artist, Modern Mystic and Social Alchemist. 14 Years ago I initiated an evolutionary self-experiment using art as my Alchemical catalyst. I wanted to "PLAY" with the notion of integrating my Female-Male energies. I made Silence for an entire year while totally devoted to paint and to my experiment. My life was transformed! It was like going again and again through the "Rabbit Hole". Serendipity and synchronistisity became the norm and not the exception in my life. I have been asked to get out of secrecy and make public my very personal self-experiment discoveries and... Here I AM! 

Like the 100th Monkey-Effect explains how quantum evolution takes place; I find a conceptual metaphor with the snow monkey named "Imo" during the monkey-experiment in the island of Japan. This female monkey initiated a ripple effect with her discovery and started to change and affect her entire tribe and beyondWhat if my Alchemical self-love-experiment discoveries were to create a ripple effect?  And, what if we were to reach a tipping point? And boom!!! Quantum Leap! Welcome heaven on earth! We live in a Holographic Reality where any one change in the Hologram creates a ripple effect and changes the entire hologram.


Chi-She-He LovEvolution Movement

"We are the ONES we have been waiting for!"


The Book REVELATIONS How TO Chi-She-He LovEvolutionary Relationships is schedule to be officially released November 2015 during the renowned

 International Miami Book Fair.  


Stay Tune!




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