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Chí-She-He Movement

We are pioneering the Chi-She-He LovEvolution Global Movement



Discover the Alchemy of how to integrate your female and male archetypes and experience MAGICAL connections in your relationships!



Alchemy Artista Planet is a Container for the Divine Feminine in women and men’s evolutionary love.

This Container is like a cosmic womb filled with infinite love and nurturing creative matter.


Inside this cosmic womb the divine feminine has been gestating during a great cosmic cycle a luminous, radiant “divine human”. This magnificent human is made of the integration of the original female-male energies within. To be a divine human is our natural state of consciousness is our birthright!


She-He, He-She is like a “divine androgynous” possessing natural human powers, powers that have been dormant in our bodies for eons. Among these human powers we posses perfect telepathy, perfect intuition, telekinesis, power to heal our bodies to name just the very basic ones.


The great birthing of the divine human has been gaining momentum and now in this very moment, The Divine Feminine in all of us women and men is preparing to birth this radiant, luminous being of evolutionary love and powers. In alchemy this moment of female-male integration of Self-BIRTH is called The Great Work.


In order to facilitate this evolutionary birth of our divine human, it is a “most-must” to be able to open our heart to experience the next level of self-love. This phenomenal birth of the divine human is an individual process and requires from each of us to break the glass ceiling where we have been trapped inside our old story. Self-love starts the moment when we break free from our attachments to the past prisons’.


Intellectually we can play with many ideas about LOVE and self-love, but experientially it occurs when we access a new level of consciousness and the true  self-love comes into being, your own being…your own divine human being.


It is in the feeling and the emotion of such LOVE that we can truly re-structure our DNA and by “default” re-structure the outer reality. This state of consciousness produces a higher frequency, a higher resonance allowing us to be Creators!


Our mission is to serve as “midwives” during this massive birthing of the divine human and evolutionary love in each of us.

Alchemy Artista Planet is also a metaphor for the New Gaia and the new Heaven on Earth; the home of the divine human! In this planet there are multi-dimensions to Play, collaborate, participate and co-create! And you are invited to the “morphogenic” fun.




How can you participate?


There are several and easy ways you can participate. 


Let's start...


1. The first way to participate is by first Attending our hour and a half Conference.

2. Enrolling in the how to' 4 hours WORKSHOP.

3. Booking your Alchemical Wedding.


Dates are coming soon...Stay tune! 




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