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Nov 26-27 Art With Me. Colective Art Show at Moksha Art Gallery.  Miami, FL


Nov 29-Dec 3rd Fridge Art Festival at Esquina de la Abuela, Art Gallery and Cultural Center. Miami, Art Week.  Miami, FL


Dec 3rd Conference "The Art of Sustainable Fashion"  at Esquina de la Abuela, Art Gallery and Cultural Center. Miami, Art Week.  Miami, FL


Dec 5th Metaverse Private show at the Cosmic Penthouse. Miami Beach, FL


Dec 6th NFT Goddesses Pop-up Show at a private mansion. Miami Beach, FL






Dec 5th , Miami, Art Basel. Warriors of Light. Conceptual Performance Art Ceremony.


Dec 21st Solstice.Costa Rica.The Procession of Saints. Conceptual Performance Art Ceremony.



Dec 3rd, Miami, Art Basel. Conceptual ArtFashion Performance, Art Ceremony



2018 Dec 5th , Miami, Art Basel. Crowining of the Divine Femenine. Conceptual Performance Art Ceremony.


2017: Miami, Art Basel. "The Alchemical Weeding" Conceptual Performance Art Ceremony


2016:"The Alchemical Weeding" Art Basel. Conceptual Performance Art Installation. Community Inter-active. December 6th, Miami FL, USA



2015: "Art Peace Parade" Art Basel. Conceptual Performance Art Installation.  December 3rd Miami, FL USA


2015: November 12th 2016- Jan 6th 2017- "The Currency of Love". Sponsored Art Space at Puchella Winery. Los Angeles, CA 


2014: "The Alchemical Weeding" Art Basel. Conceptual Performance Art InstallationCommunity Inter-active. December 6th, Miami FL, USA


2013: "Flying Heart" The RenasArts Garden. Performance Art Installation. Miami, FL USA 


2013: "The Alchemical Safari" Art Love Fest. Video Art Installation. July Fort Lauderdale, FL


2013: "Play Art Party" The RenasArts Garden. Performance Art Installation. May Miami, FL USA


2011: "12::12 The Beginning" at The Beauty Temple. Art Installation  "inter-sinergy". December Miami, FL


2011: "The Mythical Manimals"  Art Zoo. Art Basel. Performance Art Installation. Miami, FL USA




2007: "Eco Muses" Moksha Art Gallery. Art & Fashion Installation. Miami, FL 


2003: "Circularity-Alchemy" Design Art District. Solo Show Art Basel MiamiDecember Miami, FL USA


2002: "Water Sensual Universe" Annie Sue Gallery. February Los Angeles, CA USA


2001: "Centers of Emotion" In Life Art Gallery Solo Show. October Miami, FL USA





2014 Title: "For your Eye Only" McCormick Art Place. Undressed International Group Art Show. November Miami, FL USA


2014: Title: "Rainbow Portal" Moksha Art Gallery. Group show. Everglades Awareness. April Miami, FL USA


2014: "ArtFashion Eco Polination" Portland Fashion Week. April Portland, Oregon USA


2012: "Igniting your Inner Light" Sinthesis Art Festival. December México, Yucatan


2011: "Cosmic Goddess Giving Birth to the New Planet" ILLUMINATE US Art Show. Madrone Studios. December San Francisco, CA 


2011: "Alchemical Graces" KavachNina Contemporary Art Galelry. April

Miami, FL USA


2009: "11:11" Unity Group Art Show. November Saint Petesburg, FL USA


2006: "Goddess Portrait" Art & Fashion Installation. Elite Art Editions, Wynwood District. Art Basel. Miami, FL USA


2003: "Waven Colors" Artelon Gallery. June Coral Gables FL USA


2002: "Women of the World" Latin American Museum of Art. Group Show. March Miami, FL USA


2001:"WaterSensual Universe" Vincent Gallery. Solo Show

June 3erd to 30th Coconut Grove FL


2001: “Water Sensual Universe”  ARTEXPO New York. Booth 1129

March 8th to 12th New York City 


2001: “Multidimensions” Power Art Studios Design District, January Miami FL


2000: “Multidimensions” Power Art Studios Design District, November Miami FL


2000: “Sensual Universe Goddesses & Muses”Euroart'2000  Sala Marquez, Les Drassaness de Reials  Booth 22. October Barcelona, Spain.


2000: “Sensual Universe Goddesses” WOVA Chapter. September FortLauderdale, FL







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