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i:we Alchemy Art Party

A weekend for Creative-Activation! 

Jun 18-19
in Posada Natura, Costa Rica
A paradise space to reclaim your creative juices

With a 
Juicy Program 
that includes:

1. Painting in Silence Retreat
2. Alchemical Art Party
3. Alchemy Art Conference/Forum






1. Painting in Silence Retreat
2. Alchemical Art Party
3. Alchemy Art Conference/Forum


4. Saturday night accomodations at Posada Natura


5. Meals ~Saturday 18th Lunch and Dinner. ~Sunday 19th Brunch



Space is limited reserve your participation now!




 Saturday 18th 

11: A.M. Arrival and chek-in
12:30 P.M. Luch
1:30 P.M. Painting in Silence Retreat

4:30 P.M. Wrap up group-show inegrative-forum

6:00 P.M. Break 


8:00 P.M. Opening for i:we Alchemical Party 
2:00 A.M. Closing of the Festivity 



Sunday 19th Program:
11:30 Brunch Alchemy Art Conference/Forum
2:30 P.M. Check-out

Is to give permission to the mind of the adult to think "out~of~the~box" and re-discover the world through new ways of seeing as we use to do when we were a child. And, this "permission" starts by making inner silence. In order to open space for a New Creative Process is imperative to access inner silence; which liberates the mind from the ususal background noise of the daily stress. Do you know what happens when you liberate the mind from stress and repetive thoguhts? You find your next level of creativity, 

i:we Alchemy Art Party is like going to a self-actualizing jourey and after the Silence we enter in the Celebration of expressing our own Selves! It is so much fun!

A gift time for you!
Taking a break from the stress of daily life.
3 hours to let go of toxic thoughts while painting “innocently” in Silence. No painting experience is necessary.

√ emptying your mind and emotions from stress and negative thoughts
√ activating self creative substance 
√ accessing moments of great clarity
√ integrating and harmonizing left and right brain

When you paint in silence, slowly but surely your left-brain, which is the “noisy- one”, starts harmonizing with your right-brain which is the Creative, The Intuitive, The One that makes the synthess, the result is that you "open space" for new creative possibilities. 

What makes this Painting in Silence Retreat even more special?I will teach you a technique that will help you to connect the two brain hemispheres; is easy, fast and effective. Time disappears and one is totally in the present. People have reported incredible aha moments while in this state of consciousness. It is the state where "self-creative-optimization" can happens.

~Be Open...Silence is the land to plant multi-dimensional wealth 

What to bring?
~ A sketchbook for watercolor or 14 loose sheets for watercolor
~ A set of watercolor paint (amazon has one for $4,84)
~ Something to sit down (yoga mat, cushion or small chair)
~ A bottle of water for the water colors 
~ Brushes -However, It will be brushes available for you to use- 
Bring your inner smile

You'll love the experience! 
And after i:we will Celebrate our Creative Being during the Night Alchemy Art Festivity. A live inter-active festivity to integrate furhter your new-creaive-self.

What to bring for i:we ALCHEMY ART PARTY at night time
First of all this is a Costume Party:
1. Bring your Costume! Express your creative self with your attire and have fun with it! 
2. Bring your musical instrumetns, your philosophical rant, your dance, your poem, your song, your painting/drawings and/or anything creative you want to share.
3. Bring your co-creative~powers, i:we intention is to be in synergy, elevate the vibration and feed your creative being! 
4. And last but not least, bring the INTENTION to Celebrate your Creative-Self. 




i:we Alchemy Art Party! is a Social Container which mision is to Celebrate the indivudal and collective Art Expresions, as a catalist for Self-Alchemy in the expansion of cosnciousness.

i:we Fiesta del Arte Alquimica!! es un Contenedor Social cuya mision es utilizar la Celebración de la expresión artistica individual y colectiva como catalizador para la transformación alquimica del Ser, en la expansion de la Conciencia.


Where is Posada Natura?

A 2.5 hour drive from San Jose International airport, we are located 25 minutes inland from Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our land is perched on the bank of the Naranjo river, one of the cleanest fresh-water sources in Central America. With pristine jungle waterfalls, thousands of acres of untouched tropical rainforest, and a huge diversity of flora and fauna, being here instills a sense of deep peace, tranquility and connection to Mother Nature. Many years ago, these forests were scheduled to be cleared and used as cow pastures. Now and forevermore, this land is part of a 1,000 acre land trust, owned and protected by Posada Natura. 



 Posada Natura también ofrece:


Thai Yoga Massage: $80/60 min, $120/90, $135/120, $150/150. 


Botanical Steam Bath: $15 per session per group.
Ritual Tattoo: $100/hr (including consultation and design)
Alternative Medicines and Nutritional Counseling: Prices vary, please inquire.



 ...i:we Alchemy Art Party

 “Self~Alchemy happens in the Creative Celebration” 



1. Painting in Silence Retreat
2. Alchemical Art Party
3. Alchemy Art Conference/Forum 

4. Saturday night accomodations at Posada Natura 

5. Meals ~Saturday 18th Lunch and Dinner. ~Sunday 19th Brunch


         Just $247 por persona




Space is limited reserve your participation now!

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