ChíaOrtegónArt Welcome!

#ImEcoMuse and so are you!

#ImEcoMuse L'Amante de la Naturaleza


4:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

SUNDAY- October 27th

Avenida Guadalupe 10 Colonia,San Rafael




√ Dress up and participate in the costume contest.
Dress like an Eco-Muse "Avatar". You can represent a bird, a flower, a feline, a goddess, a bee, a nature spirit, a tree, a fruit…the possibilities are many.
There's not an obligation for the dress code.

#imEcoMuse Mission is to PROTECT our ecosystem from “Fast-Fashion”, the second largest pollutant of water and land on our planet.

Chía Ortegón is a renown International Multidisciplinary Artist and Eco-Activist. She is the originator of #ImEcoMuse Movement.
Ortegón is the founder of Alchemy Art Village in Costa Rica, eco-sancturay for Art Retreats.

To learn more IG: Chia Ortegon Art

See you Sunday 27th. Love, Chia

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