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LA Art Show Press Release


                                                                                                                             Nov 6th, 2015



Santa Clarita, CA- Pulchella Winery is proud to present, the creative genius of eclectic artist Chía Ortegón and her Solo Art Show: “The Currency of Love”. This collection of art works take the viewer through a radiant pictorial narrative leading to what in 2015 has become “The Currency of Love” Movement.


“The Currency of Love” is a “representational” art show whose aim is to resonate the philosophy behind “The Currency of Love” Movement. This show is an inspirational approach to what Chía Ortegón calls: “multi-dimensional-wealth” and how her Art is a catalyst for the emergence of a NEW Human-Being-ecosystem, who is here to play a larger co-creative “game” where everybody has the potentiality to become multi-dimensional wealthy!


Chía says: The only energy that is needed is Love! It sounds cliché until you understand that trading your goods, your services, your talents, your art, your fashion, your healing, your ideas, your information and much, much truly a matter of love! It is all matter of conecting with one another and be in synergystic service.  True wealth encompasses all the aspects about being a multi-dimensional human because in truth, we are multi-dimensional beings. Therefore, triumphant success comes from the infinite forms and expressions of love starting with self love”


The opening reception of “The Currency of Love” Solo Art Show will be held at Pulchella Winery on Saturday 14th November 2015. The exhibition will be on view through January 29, 2016 and is free and open to the public, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 5-10 P.M. at Pulchella Winery.


Chía Ortegón creates her eclectic pictorial narratives with transparent veils of colors building the image from within. However, she also likes bold and textured brush strokes, “it all depends what is the alchemical process of the moment and which avatar is rendering her artwork”. Said Artist Chía Ortegón. Her mentor in Florence, Italy considered her a master colorist; her colors are pure, vibrant, and brilliant! Most recently, she is poetically called: “The light lyricist”.


The imagery of The Currency of Love ranges from a charcoal, portraying the torso of a nude man, going through a realistic flower, next seeing an intricate sacred geometry being, next the scene of lovers kissing, next an ethereal female floating in water...The art show narrative has around 57 artworks, among original paintings and original mix media as well as limited editions of fine art photographic reproductions and Gicleés. Each limited edition reproduction is numbered and originally signed by the artist. Furthermore, many of them are embellished by hand. ________________________________________________________________


Chía Ortegón was born in the city of Bogotá, Colombia; considered the South American Athens. She grew up surrounded by arts and culture. Her parents were both intellectuals; lovers of classical music, fine art, ballet, Literature, poetry, theater and social issues. Since early age she was an avid “creatrix” from painting, fashion design, theater plays, dance, choreography and performance arts.


She left her country at the age of 20 years old and went to Costa Rica. While living in Costa Rica she felt madly in love with nature and also initiated her professional career Creative Director. After a successful career as International Creative Director working with one of the largest worldwide Ad Agencies, Chía changes her corporate life for the experience of an artist. “I own my legacy” jokingly says artist Chía Ortegón.


After a year of unintentional Silence and leaving the life of a modern Mystic she started to have visions of “future-flash-backs” as she expressed them with a smile in her face. Accordingly to her, they were like “transmissions” of pure wisdom. “It was impossible to process them with my rational left brain mind; and not so slowly an “alchemical transfiguration” started happening as my right brain got to play a prime role to grasp what was really “given to me” or rather “through me”, “The Currency of Love came this way.” Says artist, Chía Ortegón.


Chía Ortegón has shown her work extensively both nationally and abroad since her debut U.S. Solo show in 2001 at Vincent Gallery in Coconut Grove, FL.


Pulchella Winery in Santa Clarita, CA is a must experience tasting room. From Thursday 12th November 2015 their intimate ambience will be enhance by a delicious Art&Wine experience. These “troublemakers-wine-innovators” are also art lovers and community connectors. During the “Currency of Love Art Show, their tasting room will become a “connecting-artsy-vortex” where art lovers, art collectors, chia’s groupies, friends and family will gather to Celebrate a new human connection.




Pulchella wines come from the grapes in Paso Robles and are masterfully blended by wine creators Nate Hasper and Steve Lemley. Their 2013 Red White and Blue Zinfandel field blend have been rated 91 points! 


This is a team effort family-business. Their symbiotic relationship makes them wine-winners! Megan Lemley is the liaison between Art and Pulchella WINERY Tasting Room, she is also a wine expert, a spouse, a team player and great PR.




“We are proud to host the Art of a female visual artist that is bringing forward such community oriented artist statement! Join us!” ~Megan Lemley




Event Information:


Official Opening date: Saturday 14th


5-10 P.M.


Pre-opening dates Thursday 12th and Friday 13th


Each day with a unique Art Program


On View Through Jan 29, 2016 at Pulchella Winery


24261 Main Street, Santa Clarita, CA


Artist Chía Ortegon web address:



my . artist run website