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Painting in Silence Retreat


√ starting with Light body Detox with Art~therapy In


CELEBRATION OF THE GIVER OF LIFE, we are doing a very special Painting Retreat for beloved MOM!

5 hours of an amazing Art Therapy Process in a magical Urban Oasis!



Join us to learn how to draw and paint with your



it is not necessary to know how to draw or paint to participate. 


When? Sunday May 14th 

Come and Celebrate MOTHER'S DAY with us!


GIFT your Mom with this Retreat! She will love this incredible experience!


 Where? At the Magical Everglades International Hostel

20 SW 2nd Ave, Florida City, FL 33034


  Time? 12:12 P.M.~ 5:00 P.M.








Five hours of an amazing Art Therapy Process in a magical Urban Oasis


This is a magical 

experience that helps activate your right brain,

create mind and heart coherence,

expand intuition

and eliminate stress.


Please watch the video for full information on all the benefits you will have.







This video explains the benefits of learning how to draw and paint with your 2 hands in Unison:



It is not necessary to know how to draw or paint to participate

Enroll now 

$33.00 Early Registration 

$40 at the door 





* Eliminate stress


* Rejuvenate


* Engage the two hemispheres of the brain, the result is that you become more intelligent


* Your Right Brain gets ACTIVATED (Your Creative Brain)


* Your Intuition is ACTIVATED


* Stress is replaced by a feeling of wellbeing 


* You'll have Left & Right Brain COHERENCE




* And there is a HEART~MIND Coherence, re-awakening your connection with self-love


* Rejuvenation time!!!


...You'll love how Silence presents effortlessly...


 My students at 3 Days of Light Festival in Asheville, NC


What to BRING:


What to bring?

                      1) A 9' X 12'

sketchbook for color pencils, or markers,

or pastel (Color Chalks) or loose white sheets.


                    2) wood or plastic support to attached with

tape your sheets.


                    3) A set of color pencils or pastels, or markers

any colors you like. Loose or box.


                     4)  Masking Tape


                     5) Cushin, Yoga mat or blanket to sit down


                     6) Bring food you want to share with your mon. A Bottle of Water of Juices and anything else you feel like having. There will be breaks for eating and wander around.


                     7)  A kid’s discovery attitude:)




Enroll now

$33.00 Early Registration 

$40..00 At the door 



Note: You might want to spend the night at the Hostel, just in case come prepared:) It is magical!


If you need/want transportation. Please send email

my . artist run website