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Painting Silent Montessori School



2:00 ~ 5:00 P.M.

Please put it in your calendar


Mountain West Montessori 

403 Frontera Rd.

El Paso, TX 73322


A gift time for you!

 Take a break from the stress of daily life and create inner PEACE.


Three hours of deep connection to self while painting "inocently" in Silence. No painting experience is necessary.


I will teach you a technique on HOW TO PAINT WITH YOUR TWO HANDS IN UNISON!!! This is really an incredible experience that helps activate your Right Brain and creates heart and mind coherence, relief stress, expands creativity, clarity and intuition; and promotes inner Silence. Gift yourself with this generative time to let go of toxic thoughts while painting “innocently” in Silence.



$33.00 Advance Registration before JAN 22nd

$40.00 At the Door

$50.00 with all Art Materials included


Reserve your spot now, space is limited



√ emptying your mind from negative thoughts

√ clearing your energetic field from toxicity

√ opening mental space to encounter solutions to current problems

√ accessing moments of great clarity

√ harmonizing left and right brain

√ expand your Creativity and Intuition 

Why this Silent Retreat is very special?


When you learn HOW TO PAINT WITH YOUR TWO HANDS IN UNISON that will help you to connect the two brain hemispheres; is easy, fast and effective. Time disappears and one is totally in the present. People have reported incredible aha moments while in this state of consciousness.

When you paint in silence, slowly but surely your left-brain, which is the “noisy- one”, starts harmonizing with your right-brain and silence becomes a natural inner experience, the feeling is so nurturing and generative.


~Be Open...Silence is the land to plant multi-dimensional wealth


 “Going on a silent retreat is a journey. When you take away all of the energy we put into verbal communication, it is redirected to the parts of your life you normally ignore.


What to bring?

  • A 9' X 12' sketchbook for color pencils or pastel (Color Chalks) or loose sheets
  • A set of color pencils or pastels, any colors you like. Loose or box
  • Masking Tape
  • A desire to learn and connect with yourself
  • Bring your inner smile


Guided by Artist Chía Ortegón


Join us this coming Sunday, January 22nd! And gift yourself with this self-generative journey of Painting in Silence.


$33.00 Advance Registration before JAN 22nd

$40.00 At the Door

$50.00 with all Art Materials included


Reserved your spot now, space is limited







About Chía Ortegón

Chía is a Transformational Visionary Artist, Social and Cultural Alchemist. She is also a guide teacher for children and adults who has dedicated 20 years of her life to the Evolution of Consciousness using art as a Catalyst for change.


Her extensive studies in the evolution of consciousness and her experimentation through art therapies with advance holistic protocols has gained her recognition as the pioneer of Alchemy~Art, a movement which serves The Integration of our female and male energies.


“My creative surge is rich and unstoppable, perhaps even beyond me! May its force, art and languages expressions be the catalysts to expand the emergence of a divine human blueprint in coherence with our earth resources, and in synergy with our Holistic Human Design" ~Chía Ortegón


Chia Ortegón artwork have been influenced by Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Daniel de Angeli and Edgar Degas. Her work has been also influenced by minimalism and Zen philosophy, Quantum physics theory, Cosmology, Mythology, Tantra, Water Consciousness with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the transformation of consciousness and the Mayan Calendar by José Arguelles, by famous alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perrenelle; and by cultural designers such as Jean Francois Nobel.


Chía Ortegón was born in Bogotá, Colombia, she studied art in Florence, Italy and New York City. 


Chía has shown her impresive Artworks at international level in Miami, New York, Barcelona, Los Angeles C.A. and Nassau. Including solo and group shows at prestigious Art Galleries, The Latin America Museum of Art in Miami and at International Art Fairs such as Art Basel Miami, ArtExpo NY,NY  and EuroArt in Barcelona, Spain. 


Her collectors and followers consider her a Transformational Visionary Artist contributing to bring forth the “new story of planet earth” through Art.


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