ChíaOrtegónArt Welcome!

Painting Silent Retreat

July 17th 2016 Sunday

11:00 A.M. ~ 4:00 P.M.


Four Ambassadors 

905 Brickell Bay Drive

Miami, 33131

Tower 2

Suite 828



$33..00 Advance Registration before July 17th 

$44.00 At the Door



A gift day for you!

Take a break from the stress of daily life.

Gift yourslef with several hours to let go of toxic thoughts while painting “innocently” in Silence.  No painting experience is necessary.

Why this Silent Retreat is very special?


The key is Painting in Silence! 



I will teach you a technique that will help you to connect the two brain hemispheres; is easy, fast and effective. Time disappears and one is totally in the present. People have reported incredible aha moments while in this state of consciousness.


When you paint in silence, slowly but surely your left-brain, which is the “noisy- one”, starts harmonizing with your right-brain and silence becomes a natural inner experience, the feeling is so nurturing and generative.


√ emptying your mind from negative thoughts

√ clearing your energetic field from toxicity

√ opening mental space to encounter solutions to current problems

√ accessing moments of great clarity

√ harmonizing left and right brain

√ expand your Creativity and Intuition 


~Be Open...Silence is the land to plant multi-dimensional wealth


 “Going on a silent retreat is a journey. When you take away all of the energy we put into communication, it is redirected to the parts of your life you normally ignore. I would recommend it to anyone.” ~Chía Ortegón~Alchemy Artista


What to bring?

  • A sketchbook for watercolor or 14 loose sheets for watercolor
  • A set of watercolor paint (amazon has one for $4,84)
  • Something to sit down (yoga mat, cushion or small chair)
  • Bring your own food
  • A bottle of water
  • Brushes -However, It will be brushes available for you to use- 
  • Bring your inner smile

Guided by Alchemy Artista, Chía Ortegón

Brushes and color pencils are provided by the Artist.


"ETERNAL LOTUS" is Located in the heart of Brickell, a soothing, sacred space where to Paint in Silence is a joy.

Join us this coming Sunday 17th! And gift yourself with this self-generative journey of Painting in Silence.


$33.00 Advance Registration –Before July 17th

$44.00 At the Door


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