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Play-pARTy and Play-Art-Shops

Bringing forth a higher-love-frequency:)



Join me:)


Soul intention: The INITIATION of i:we "cosmic-child-avatar"


Motive: Chía's Big Birthday INITIATION of i:we-inner-cosmic-child-avatar. Entering a new state of awarness now...WOW! This year starting a new 10 year cycle.


This Celebration is about bringing forth i:we "cosmic-child-avatar".

We want to give permission to the adult mind to be free from the constraints of daily routines, stress and to do's... And to experience during this Play-pARTy: A Higher-Frequency of Love, expansive creativity and much, much fun!


1st Play-pARTy

Date: October 23rd, 2015 -Pls Save this date-

Time: 8 P.M.

Where: RenasArts Garden Sanctuary, Miami



What to bring:

1) Bring a sense of wonder and discovery

2) Something to eat and to drink that you want to share with the other cosmic-children-avatars

3) Bring your musical instruments: Drums, guitar, flute, your Cristal Bowls and your singing voice.

4) Bring a song you want to sing, a poem you want to recite, a dance you want to dance, a short theater play you want to perform or any other artform you want to share during this Celebration.

5) Bring a flower you like, or two or a bunch.

6) Bring your laughter, creativity and desire to elevate the frequency of Love


Dress Code: This is a Costume Party:) Dress to express your Cosmic-Child-Avatar! I have a surprise gift for the best costume:)


Please R.S.V.P. 


 PD: ...and if you have one, bring your magic wand! 




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