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I’m really good at painting Portraits and I love the Process. I can paint in serveral techiniques including pop art, klimt style, cubism, figurative, abstract and my own.


I have been commisioned several Portraits throughout time.

The ones here are a few.



Check out some of the commisoned portraits below. 


Also, if you are in the spiritual path; your portrait is kind of an Oracle to meditate and receiving “downloads” 


Commission Portraits start at $557


size 21 x 35 cms


8.5' x 14' inches


Bigger Sizes are calculated accordingly




Size: 32 x 37 cms

Acrylic on Canvas

Style: Figurative







Size: 42' X 35'


Medium: Color Pencils, Gold Leaf and Acrylic paint on Wood


Style: Gustav Klimt 



The rendering of this Portrait was very intricate, I had the freedom as an artist to re-create the dress and special pictorial language of the pictorial narrative. I aslo, created the frame in order to have the Complete Artwork. I knew that this Portrait without its unique custom-made frame wasn't going to be a true master piece.  The result was fantastic and Candice was over the moon. She loved her portrait.




"Bear Paw" 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 9' X 12'

Style: Contemporary Art



For me there's something magical about painting a Portrait. It is your very essence becoming live in a timeless artwork. 


Here it is a side by side example of the pic I used as my guide for rendering Bear Paw Portrait 


"Bear Paw" is an Apache Indian, a holly man whose medicine is potent. In this portrait I wanted to convey his deep connection with the mountains, water, the sky and particularly with the bear spirit.



"Bear Paw" brings so much light into the world with his amazing healings, therefore I worked his Portrait with metallic and iridescent paints in order to make a physical representation of his holly light. 






Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 60' X 40'

Style: Organic Expressionism


I worked this portrait with a technique of my own discovery. 


I began his portrait by painting his eyes, I started by wetting the canvas and applying a soft layer of blue, in that moment something extraordinary happened! The watery colors starting moving on the canvas and Alejandro's eyes appeared on the surface! I waited for the paint to dry and later perfected his eyes expression. 


If you look closely, his body appeared underneath the suit. Also, he is coming down the stairs and at the same time he is going away in the distance. Essentially his portrait tells a story that he wanted to 


When the portrait was complete, his face and eyes seem to move in the direction you were looking at the painting. Don't ask me how that happened.


The most memorable moment is when he saw his portrait for the first time! WOW! I never forget his exhilaration and excitement. He was walking from one side to the other side of the painting trying to understand how was possible that his face expression on the portrait changes and his eyes where looking at him, despite where he was standing. He asked again and again, how I did that? 




Size: 78' X 49'

Medium: Acrylic on Cardboard

Style: Pop Art




Douglas is a genius electronic designer and he loves Pop Art and minimalism. The challenge with his portrait was to represent his essence and expression with few lines and colors. 


I worked with a very restricted palette of red, green, black and some gold for the background stripes. This is a huge portrait that was going to be hanged as a central piece in an amazing loft. As in my other portraits this one also tells a story. It is not easy to appreciate in this tiny pic the striking image that came to the surface after completion. He was very happy. 




Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 60' X 40'

Style: Organic Expressionism

Technique: I worked this portrait with a technique of my own 



Nena was pregnant against all odds. When she was 7 years old her house got on fire and 80% of her body got burned. Doctors had told her she will never had a child. Therefore, this moment was timeless and this Portrait imortalized what normally is called a miracle. 


This portrait also had a thorough pre-production and a photoshoot from where we choose the one photograph that became the model for the actual Portrait. 


This is another magical portrait because of my connection with Nena story and the incredible messages a got while rendering this artwork. Often times we artists channeled information that is already available in the "ethers". 


When I'm using my own technique I start the Portrait by creating a thick texture with gesso and then throuing water and paint to stain the canvas. Nena gave me absolute freedom to do the pictorial interpretation. I totally got in the "zone" when rendering her portrait it came strong and yet soft. She was so happy! with tear in her eyes; obviously this portrait has so much meaning and emotional content for her. 





Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 20' X 15'

Style: Figurative



Cantinflas is an adorable dog. His owner saved him from the streets and after looking for the owners for weeks and weeks, he was going to put the god in a shelter but as the time went by he felt in love with Cantinflas. He took him everyday to his bussiness and the dog became his most loyal companion.


When I got the commission for this painting, my collector wanted to have his dog's portrait in INK on Paper. OMG!

To render this portrait was very difficult because INk is totally unforgiving even more than watercolor. The level of focus and precision I had to have with each brush stroke was incredible. 


I'm proud on how the Portrait came to be. Cantinflas owner loved it! He said I got his personality and specially loved his nose and eyes.


How can I ordered a Portrait?

Just send me an email with the Picture/photograph you want to use as the model for your portrait. Also the send the size you want. An easy way to know the size is to meassure the area of the wall where you want to hang your portrait, either at home or your office, or your altar/sacred space. Send also your phone number and your Time Zone, and a good time to contact you. I will reply within the next 24 hrs. 



Prices depend on the size and complexity of the Portrait.


Style: I can use the style and technique of the ones showed here, that best expressed your own image and essence


Feel free to enquire 


Looking forward to imortalize you, your children or your pet in an amazing timeless Portrait.






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