ChíaOrtegónArt Welcome!

SMA Painting Retreat

Join me! 

Painting in Silence 



I’ll teach you 

how to draw/paint with 

YOUR TWO Hands in



11:11 am - 4:04 pm

Friday October 28

5 Hours of pure 



c r e a t i v e 




  1. Expand your Creative juices 
  2. Awake dormant talents 
  3. Upgrade your Intuition -which is heart intelligence-
  4. Activate your Right brain hemisphere-your creative side-
  5. SILENCE is a natural state that emerges while in the Process. -quieting the monkey mind-
  6. integration of the two brain hemispheres 
  7. MAIN BENEFIT? Essentially, you become more INTELLIGENT 


People have reported aha moments while in this Art Process.


No painting or drawing experience is necessary  


What to bring?

Color Pencils (box of 12)

50 sheets of white paper 8.5 x 11


Set of 6 color chalks (like the ones for kids) yellow, red, blue, white, pink, green. Or your favorite colors. 


If you paint with acrylics you are welcome to bring your paints, canvas and brushes. 


And if you prefer Watercolors feel free to bring them, watercolor paper and brushes.


Art Materials AVAILABLE at the Retreat!


And is easy, engaging and so much fun!


Space is limited

Hold your SPOT Now




Please purchase your spot on the donate paypal button

enter the appropiate quantinty for you

Americans $57 USD 

Mexicans $33

Students with carnet $11


Looking forward to inspire and get inspired 

See you there! 


Please Stay tuned for information about 

Nave Tao and best way to get there. 




Are you? 









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