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The Alchemical Matrimony 2016 Ceremony


                              The Most Important Matrimony of your Life is coming Dec 4th closing Art Basel week. 

Come to this unique Ceremony on the Beach where all of us in LOVE COMMUNION will get married with Oneself. This is a unique opportunity to get together as one Comunity of radiant beings emanating LOVE, BEAUTY, UNION, HIGH VIBE Resonance! We are weaving the "omniamore" human-ecology; now our brains and our hearts can be connected! And this connection creates a Self-Actualize Human in sync with its own divine nature. 


This is a Community Event! For ALL of US!!!


Please let's be mindfull, because your $ynergy counts and it is very important for our Wedding Ceremony.


Every Donation despite how small or Big is apreciated! 


Thanks for Supporting!


 What is the Alchemical Matrimony?

The Alchemical Matrimony is the Sacred Union between your Female and Male energies. It is the moment to embody your WHOLE divine being. It is the recognition that you are not just half human looking for another half. It is like a Spiritual Wedding with yourslef that expands your magnetism and your connection to the opposite sex. So, essentially it is the marriage with your own self. A moment when you say yes! To your capacity of feeling WHOLE and ready to embrace another whole human being in your life. What a synergistic moment!


So, what happens when two whole-human-beings fall in love? Just imagine! A new planet can be born! A planet where Love is the nectar of Creation! The planet we all want to live in! Would you like to be part of this Epic Art-Ceremony?



Woman: Dress in a White Wedding Dress or as a Goddess Avatar. Prefered colors, golden, white and silver. However, feel free to express yourself!

Men: Black Tuxedo, black suit or Dress as an AVATAR! Either a hero, animal or however you want to express that day!



√ Bring a hand holder MIRROR, face size. Any color you feel attracted to.

√ Bring a dozen of ROSES white, pink or red.

√ Bring your MUSICAL instruments

√ Bring your FAMILY and friends

√ Bring your HEART ready for inclusion

√ Bring a bottle of Champagne for i:we COLLECTIVE LOVE TOAST

√ Brink the SACRED INTENTION to irradiate and receive an "omniAmore"...omnipresent, omnipotent LOVE... YES! 

√ If you want to bring a STONE or DEITY to add to the i:we ALTAR feel welcome to do so 

MISSION:The Alchemical Matrimony Mission is to facilitate the expansion of a higher Love-Consciousness where whole-HUman-beings are becoming aware of themselves.
VISION:The Alchemical Matrimony Vision is to expand a "potent Light vortex of Love" where an entire Community of evolutionary multi-dimensional artists -All of us!- reunite in Ceremonial`Celebration of wholeness with the Intention of pollinating the world with higher Love.


Our POINT OF REUNION is Alton Road and Lincoln at 4:04 P.M. with a Parade going towards the beach on 14th street and Ocean. Miami Beach.
Then at 5:05. Wedding Ceremony on the Beach 14th Street 
Date: Dec 4th, 2016



Where:  Alton Rd and Lincoln Miami Beach

Time: 4:04 P.M.


Description: Imagine as if you are entering a Temple where there is long corridor that conducts to the Altar. Lincoln Road is that imaginary corridor. We are going to walk "down the isle" dressed in our special wedding dresses starting on


The sacred INTENTION of our Parade is to emanate Beauty, Presence and Love, connecting our hearts with the hearts of every body around us. The Vision of Our multi-Cultural Tribes as ONE Artwork resonating LOVE beyond political views, races, religions or nationalities is going to create a magnifiscent resonance! To heal, to restore and to connect with all the hearts around us and around the world! 




Where: 14th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Time: 5 P.M.

The Ceremony is happening on the beach and we are having a heart to heart Communion.


√ You'll be guided to deeply connect with your male AND female light beings. If you are a woman you'll establish a connection with your male-light-being. If you are a man you'll establish a connection with your female-light-being.

√ Be prepared to fully embrace a heart connection with yourself and the other participants.

√ New channels of communion will bee activated.

√ If you are in a relationship, it will be a shift for a larger understanding, communication and love For others, it might be a moment of Completion and endings.

√ If you are not in a relationship you'll enter a self-love-ascension and your beloved may appear soon.


This is a Community Event! For ALL of US!!! 


Please let's be mindfull, because your $ynergy counts and it is very important for our Wedding Ceremony.

 Every Donation despite how small or Big is apreciated!


Thanks for Supporting!



 We are looking for Drummers, photographers, singing bowl players, digiridoo players, mandala makers, chofer and personal assistance. To enroll send email to put your NAME in the Subject Volunteers-IN Or make a comment in the FB Invite Page




GET INVOLVED!!! You are Welcome!


i:we Are having an ALCHEMICAL WEDDING on Dec 4th!!! Yes!!!



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