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Unique Inspiration:The Chalice of Love

The Chalice of Love Fable

Once upon a time there was a girl that met a pianist during an art party. The place was filled with all kind of amazing artworks on the walls and lots of people in crazy costumes. Seduced by the music the girl went to the back and discover a band playing. The most interesting character from the band was a comical pianist wearing a big blue and gold heart on his chest. When he saw the girl he announced in the microphone a tune: "The Chalice of Love". She couldn't resist the intoxicating music and started dancing fearlessly. When the tune ended the pianist approached the girl and asked: would you like to watch a fun video? She agreed. They went to a room where a cartoon movie was playing. In the movie was a gigantic eye and a sunrise with a full moon reflecting in the ocean. Everything looked like energy vibrating at various speeds. A man was coming to life from beautiful animals and a girl from a radiant rainbow. All of a sudden, right in the middle of the big eye a magnifiscent Golden Chalice appeared. On the left and right sides of the chalice there were faces looking at each other. From inside the Chalice two rays of bright light emerged traveling to the hearts of each one of the characters, in that moment their hands interlaced and they started dancing around the Chalice. A playful little dog was standing on the side moving happily his tail. As they were spining...booomm! from their hearts emerged a red heart that morphed into two light beings freely dancing in the air. When the movie ended, the pianist gave the girl a card that said: "True love is a dance of two freeing each other from fear"  


Here's Your Chalice of Love!!!

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Print on Fine Art Photographic Paper 

Size: 15.5' X 12' inches


$33.00 plus $5 shipping (Please allow a week to 10 days for your Chalice of Love to arrive in the mail)




 Central detail from The Chalice of Love 





0.14' I'm dedicating this video to all Bachelorettes of America and the world.

0.15' Presenting "The Chalice of Love" Artwork

0:25' The behind the scene story Telling about the INSPIRATION for "The Chalice of Love" Artwork

0:50' Discovering energy fields and vibration, you'll love the visual effect

1:00' How much in love I was when rendering "The Chalice of Love". Some cool hearts flying in the air

1:10' What happens with your energy field? when you are in love

1:28' How an artist can transpose her energy field into a painting

1:57' What happens when the energy transferring takes place and the painting becomes an alive vibrational field

2:26' What is the vibrational signature of "The Chalice of Love"

2:31' Invitation to experience personally the vibrational love from "The Chalice of Love"

2:47' Practical guide on what to do to create synergy with the vibrational love from "The Chalice of Love" 3:01' A love request

3:12' How to order your own print of "The Chalice of Love"

3:25' Click on this link (is inside the Art Gallery)

3:33' Scene. Painting "The Chalice of Love" retracing the heart with a sealer

3:36' Kiss

3:38' Final Card



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