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Water Oracle Journey




Here I am inviting you to rebirth your Water-Body Archetype. Join us for i:we Sacred WaterOracle journey in preparation for the Alchemical Wedding!


Experience a journey of healing and rebirth using Alchemy Art.
We will navigate deep waters and rebirth our Water-Body.


Date: March 8th, 2016 New Moon

By evolving your emotional healing, you are stepping forward to the possibility of experiencing "Heaven on Earth." Heaven on earth is actually a State of Consciousness, an inner self-magnetic-field producing a quatum-light-resonance that extends itself into the outer world with your Presense! People feel loved, happy, beautiful, uplifted, empowered, blissful, light and inspired when you are present with them. It is said that Jesus the Christ self-quantum-magnetic-field extended 360 degreess, hundred of miles around from where he was standing. And you can do the same! This personal field also is responsible for attracting your next level of prosperity and success in your life.


During WaterOracle Journey:
* Be open to REBIRTH your water-being 

* Be open to find the quatum entrance to your new self-creator

* Discover how to contact the Consciousness of Water and activate the new Gaia frequency to resonate "Heaven on earth" within your inner waterbody archetype!


Tag words: Emotional healing, Intuition, Incubation, Creation, Ascension.


Where? At the "RENASARTS GARDEN SANCTUARY" South Point. Miami, FL


Where? At the "RENASARTS GARDEN SANCTUARY" South Direction. Miami, FL


Date: March 8th, 2016 New Moon

Time: 2:00 P.M.- 6.00 P.M. 





Water-Oracle-Journey. We have opennings for VOLUNTEERS. Please feel free to email THANK YOU!


Water Crystal by Masaru Emoto "Leaping forward"



The emergence of Your Waterbody Divine "Archetype-Avatar"!

"Play" from the Water Sensual Universe Collection


The new Evolutionary Game has began...


Intro value by invitation: 69.00 USD



Water Crystal by Masaru Emoto "Thank you"




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