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Women Manifesto

by chía ortegón::The Social Alchemistartist

Women of the World: 



Our wisdom is intuitively in sync with the emotions of Mother Earth.

We are earth, water, fire, Air, ether


We are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, beloveds, friends... body, mind, spirit!


a sisterhood of ONE-BODY Gaia-eco-system 



 Women of the world: 


Our bodies are creators of life, like the body of Mother Earth.


The new born-ERA is coming into physicality as we breath…


…Are you feeling it? 



We are powerful beyond measure!


We have resurrected from...


...the burning


...the rape


...the slavery


...the violence


...the fear


like the radiant Phoenix rebirthing from the ashes..triumphantly!


Feel your triumphal entry to the new you!


Sacred sensual goddess of sweet deliciousness 


See your inner beauty beaming into the world


Breath in your new being


Dare to feel from the heart and allow intuition to guide you 


Hear the resonance of your magnifiscent LOVING voice...


...The world is in our hands now!


We are manifestress of love


We are creators of beauty


We are Co-creatix of reality


We are the bringers of the new earth time-line!



Women of the world we are the ones we were waiting for!



The time is now!


Own your Divine Power!




Let’s transmute suffering, guilt, hatred, violence, resentment, jealousy, competition, punishment, betrayal, revenge and all fears 


into a fearless powerful frequency of LOVE::OmniLoving::Omniheart...


The time of integration has began!


The cosmic female and male energies are set to rise up into a new cycle.


Let’s give birth to the most magnificent NEW ERA ON PLANET EARTH


Let's travel from the ego to the heart 

Let's connect O m n i H e a r t::

Let's co-create the new era!


Divine Feminine~Divine Masculine::Self Love::Chí-She-he::Integration::Heart Conection::Avatars of transformation::Alchemy::Play::Art::Bliss::Magic::Dreams::


Women of the World:


The new co-creative cosmic “Dance” ~written in our destiny~ is manifesting now! 


Revised: March 8th 2016  -Solar Eclipse day and New Moon- 

Women of the World Manifesto by chía ortegón::The Social Alchemistartist



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